Shocking! Thousands of Mutilated Shark Fins Drying on Hong Kong Rooftops

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Shark fins
credit: AFP/Getty Images

The residents of Hong Kong, like many in Asia, have a thing for shark fin soup. There have been efforts to educate and regulate... But despite it all, the appetite for the delicacy is still going strong, which leads to tens of millions of sharks getting mutilated and thrown back in the water to slowly die every single year.

The photos in this slideshow were taken on the rooftops of buildings in Hong Kong (a big hub in the shark-finning industry), and they show thousands and thousands of mutilated shark fins. Remember: Each one represents a dead shark that was killed just for this little piece of cartilage (Update: Ok, maybe not if you count the non-dorsal fins. It still doesn't change the total number of sharks killed each year for their fins). I find those photos extremely sad, and if you go all the way to the last slide (you can navigate with the arrows on the top right of the images), there's a video showing the same location. Truly sickening.

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