Winners of European Amateur Photo Competition: Praying Mantis Sunset and More

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praying mantis sunset photo
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Can animals enjoy the sunset? It seems so with the November winners and finalists from Wild Wonders of Europe's amateur photo competition -- but there's nothing amateur about these shots.

Here you'll find stunning silhouettes of both a praying mantis and a butterfly caught against the sun, an owl reflecting on an orange horizon, a dolphin leaping in the soft light of the last minutes of day, and more.

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Praying Mantis, France (Young Crew)

Young Crew photographer Constant Couteille took top honors in the under-17 category with this shot of a praying mantis in front of a setting sun in Bourgogne, France.

These territorial insects are a natural pesticide in your garden: They'll eat aphids, beetles, flies, mosquitoes, and other pests.

Photo: Constant Couteille