Week in Animal Photos: Tiger Cubs in Luggage, Tiny Frog, and More

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tiger cub in luggage photo
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We've got a new regular slideshow here on TreeHugger: The Week in Animal Photos. Catch a glimpse of what the animal kingdom has been up to, from a tiger cub disguised as a stuffed tiger rescued from an international smuggling deal to a pea-sized frog perched on a pencil tip. Plus, tons of new additions, with newborn chimpanzees, baby lion cubs, tiny Komodo dragons, and a brand-new turtle species all making news.

Tiger Cub in Luggage

The security team at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok found this baby tiger in a carry-on, drugged and hidden among a bagful of stuffed tiger toys. International transport of endangered animals is illegal, but the cub is recovering well at the Rescue Center of the country's National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department.

Photo via National Geographic