Week in Animal Photos: A Wood-Eating Fish, an Ultra-Rare Zedonk, and More

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As part of the CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year competition, Florian Schulz took home first prize for this shot of a group of Munkiana devil rays congregating off the shore of Baja California Sur.

This is just one amazing photo in our roundup of the best animal photos of the week: We've also got news on the surprise birth of an endangered baby langur, animal bodyguards keeping wild monkeys in line at the Commonwealth Games, and the answer to one unusual question: What is a zedonk?

A Stunning School of Devil Rays

Schulz was on an aerial trip of the Baja California Sur area when he spotted a "large, dark spot" in the water below: "As we got closer we started to discover its nature: an unprecedented congregation of rays. The group was as thick as it was wide, all heading towards the same direction. After such a unique sighting, I realize there are so many marvels in the oceans that we are yet to understand. Our knowledge of the oceans is so limited: I just hope that we are time to rescue it before it collapses from pollution and over fishing."

Photo via Global Change Blog

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