Visions of the Arctic Reveal an Uncertain Future

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For nearly a decade, Florian Schulz has traveled the Arctic, documenting the region's scenery and wildlife. During this time, he has logged hundreds of hours in the air to compile an extensive collection of Arctic aerial photography—and the results, titled "Visions of the Arctic" are stunning.

But these photographs, largely, hide a darker truth: That this region is in peril, threatened by expanding energy development. Completed in collaboration with conservation group Earth Justice, the project is meant to raise awareness about the region and the devastating destruction drilling for oil could have on flora and fauna. The photos are currently on display at the G2 Gallery in Los Angeles.

In this image, tens of thousands of caribou, the size of ants, travel in an epic migration across the lush green coastal plains—a scene that one would associate more with Africa's Serengeti Plains than the Alaskan Arctic.

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Image credit: Florian Schulz

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