Up close with animals living at Earth's poles

Polar Bear Lurking Under Water

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polar bear photo

credit: Paul Souders

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This image was taken in western Hudson Bay, near the town of Churchill. "My favorite shot of the entire trip was one I didn't even see. When the polar bear swam under a piece of ice, she hid there for a few moments, then surfaced to breathe and look around, then submerged again. I was close enough to hang the camera on the end of its pole just at the hole's edge, and I started firing. I thought it was a pretty cool shot when she poked her head up less than three feet from the camera. It wasn't until a week later, as I was riding the train from Churchill south toward Winnipeg that I finally had time to look through all of my digital images one by one that I saw I had a couple frames of her actually lurking under the water's surface, staring up at the camera. To me at least, it's a magical image."