Up close with animals living at Earth's poles

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Hunting with Leopard Seals

Souders recently returned from a 5-week trip to Antarctica with a small group of conservation and wildlife photographers. He spent time with a leopard seal, so close to its hunting efforts that he was practically part of it!

When I asked Souders what drives him to photograph wildlife, he told me, "I never set out to be a nature photographer. I began my photography education and career with dreams of journalistic glory.

Along the way, I took a staff job at the Anchorage Daily News in Alaska. I'd grown up on the east coast, and it was a huge change for me. There were moose in my back yard, bald eagles on my drive to work. I spent a lot less time listening to the police scanner and more time hiking in the mountains that ring the city, and I fell in love with recording the wonder that I found there. I left my staff job after five years, and have focussed most of my time and effort over the last 15 years to photographing the world's remaining wilderness areas."

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