Twins! Triplets! Baby Animal Photos With Double (Triple) the Cuteness

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For animals bred in captivity, even one successful birth isn't always easy--and having twins or triplets is, for some species, almost impossibly rare. But when a species' numbers are dropping, these adorable babies are their best hope for the future. Let's start with some classic cuteness:

Sand Cat Kittens

These wide-eyed Sand Cat babies from the Cincinnati Zoo made their first public appearance in January when they were just about three months old, with the female, Fath, weighing in at 1 pound 6 ounces and her brother, Najah, clocking in just six ounces more.

Sand Cats are smaller than their big cat cousins--only 4-8 pounds full grown--and harder to track, but they're just as endangered. While they face danger from locals who hunt them for sport, they do often get a pass when they kill chickens: Big Cat Rescue says that religious beliefs claim the Sand Cat is the companion of the Prophet Mohammed.

Photo via Catster

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