Thought Jaws was Scary? 10 More Fish to Inspire Nightmares

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fangtooth teeth photo
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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... This collection of scary fish will put your fear of Jaws on the back burner. Turns out there are a lot more sharp-toothed creatures in the sea -- like the fangtooth fish, shown here.

But fish need more than mouth armor to defend themselves from overfishing, pollution, and disassociation from landlubbers who don't concern themselves with the quality of life in our lakes and oceans.

This fangtooth fish may be smiling. It's hard to tell. These things live about three miles below the surface. Their fangs are so long that they slide into special pockets in the roof of the mouth when the jaw is closed, according to Sea and Sky. It's also called the ogrefish, for some reason.

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