The Week in Animals News: Mass Animal Escape, Sweaters for Penguins, and More

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Residents of Muskingum County in Ohio got quite a shock this week after dozens of exotic animals broke free from an area wildlife farm and took to the streets and highways.

We also have a project dedicated to knitting sweaters for penguins threatened by the New Zealand oil spill, Siberian tigers and Arctic seals suffering from disease, camels killed to cut carbon, an adorable baby gorilla saved from poachers, and more in the Week in Animal News.

Mass Breakout of Lions, Tigers, Bears, and More

Police haven't said exactly which type of animals are on the loose, but the farm is home to such species as "lions, wolves, tigers, giraffes, camels and bears" reports the AP -- and police say that so far they've killed more than two dozen animals.

Adding to the mysterious and troubling situation, investigators are reporting that the owner of the wildlife farm has been found dead on the property, and the animal enclosures appear to have been left open.

Read the full story: Dozens of Exotic Animals Escape From Ohio Wildlife Farm

Photo: Martin Pettitt/CC

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