The Week in Animal News: Terrifying Toothy Sea Worms, Saving Sea Turtles, and More

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This isn't an advance rendering from J.J. Abrams' next monster movie -- this guy is 100% real.

We also have the heartbreaking story of a paralyzed lion, a baby green sea turtle's epic journey, marauding bands of monkeys, rare blue iguanas, and more in the Week in Animal News.

Monster Worms

Even though it looks like it'd be right at home next to the thing from Cloverfield, this worm is so small that it's pretty much invisible to the naked eye.

Yes, this is a hydrothermal worm, as viewed under a powerful electron microscope -- one that's zoomed in 525 times. According to the Huffington Post, the image was taken using an FEI Quanta SEM. The bacteria-sized worms live in the deep sea, and are mostly found around hydrothermal vents.

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Photo courtesy of Philippe Crassous at FEI

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