The Week in Animal News: Surfers Save Shark, Skinned Alive for Fake Uggs, and More

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shark rescued venice beach surfer photo
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It's been a good week for sharks -- a baby great white was rescued by Venice beach surfers, the world's largest shark sanctuary was declared, and faux shark fin soup may be catching on.

We also have the shocking news of raccoon dogs skinned alive to make fake Uggs, an invasion of crazy hairy ants, sea creatures shrinking because of global warming, and more in the Week in Animal News.

A Good, Brave Deed

In light of the hard-to-swallow story Jaymi wrote about shark fin soup a few weeks ago, it's great to see humans show some compassion for this stunning predator.

Venice beach surfers risked getting bitten by a baby great white shark this week in order to save the little guy from almost certain death, according to a story on NBC Los Angeles.

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Photo: paulmannix / CC