The Week in Animal News: Sharks Like AC/DC, Clownfish Going Deaf, and More

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You'd think a bloody chunk of meat would do the trick, but no, sharks are more likely drawn to hard rock music.

We also have oceans acidification making clownfish deaf, birds flying crazy long record-breaking flights, troubling news on the koala front, billions of bugs on car bumpers, ancient tortoises in love, and more in the Week in Animal News.

Sharks Rocking Out

With the unofficial start of summer behind us and Shark Week on the horizon, the kings of the ocean nabbed two spots in this week's roundup.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that the best way to lure great white sharks is to bait the water with chum, but one Australian ocean tour operator says he's found something that works even better: hard rock.

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Photo: hermanusbackpackers/Creative Commons