The Week in Animal News: New Monkey Species, Panda Poo Power, and More

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Despite the myriad threats to life in the Amazon rain forest, scientists are still discovering new life there. This week, in the largely unexplored Mato Grosso region of Brazil, scientists not only spotted several extremely rare monkeys -- they found a new species altogether.

We also have panda poo power, cheating songbirds, a dog that likes mountain tops, a wayward penguin, and more in the Week in Animal News.

Brand New Monkey Species

Belonging to the Callicebus genus, the new species is thought to be a variation of the titi monkey. JĂșlio Dalponte, a biologist who made the discovery, explained that "this primate has features on its head and tail that have never been observed before in other titi monkey species found in the same area.

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Photo: Julio Dalponte