The Week in Animal News: New Lizard Found on Menu, Cricket with Huge Testicles and More

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The animal world is full of new discoveries and new angles this week, from new lizards found on a menu to stunning close-ups of South American birds, smiling seals, eyeless white ants, sunburn whales, and tiny baby hedgehogs.

New, Self-Cloning Lizard Species Discovered on a Menu

When Vietnamese reptile scientist Ngo Van Tri had his interest piqued by a small, southern Vietnamese lizard named Leiolepis ngovantrii that he found at rural restaurants in Vietnam, he called his California-based friend, herpetologist Dr. Lee Grismer for a second opinion.

The men realized that the lizard was a previously-unknown species with an unusual habit: They reproduce by cloning, and all of them are female. But though they're the locals' favorite dish, they're not likely to gain worldwide popularity anytime soon; said Grismer in an email, "These things taste terrible!" (Via CNN)

Photo: Dr. Lee Grismer