The Week in Animal News: Miracle Turtles, Taking a Bite Out of Shark Week, and More

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Last year, a sea turtle was discovered on a sandbar clinging to life after its body was split by the propellers of boats. It might have seemed futile to try and save the animal, but a team of veterinarians did anyways -- and now, after a hard-fought recovery, the sea turtle is heading home with a patched shell and a new chance at life.

Read more about the turtle's miraculous recovery -- plus stories of endangered sharks, tiger meat served up to a television reporter, people-watching whales, and cows too hot to milk -- in this Week in Animals slideshow.

Turtle Returns to the Sea

Nearly a thousand onlookers gathered along the shore in Juno Beach, Florida, craning for a peek of single sea turtle wading out to sea -- using words like 'miracle' to describe the animal's release.

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Photo: edanley/Creative Commons

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