The Week in Animal News: Man Kills Entire Pelican Colony, Sharks at Golf Course, and More

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The arrival of thousands of pelicans could annoy just about anyone, but few resort to a mass killing to deal with the "problem." That's what one Minnesota farmer did this week, and he now faces fines of $15,000 and six months in jail.

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Mass Killing of Protected Pelicans

When some people get angry they clench their teeth, shake their fists, and raise their voice. Craig Staloch, a farmer from Minnesota, slaughters an entire colony of birds. Earlier this year, Staloch became enraged when thousands of American White Pelicans began nesting on his rented property near Minnesota Lake.

He contacted wildlife officials, but when they told him the birds were protected by law, the farmer took matters into his own hands, committing one of the most extreme cases of wildlife destruction officials have ever seen: He killed them all in just one afternoon.

Read the full story: Angry Farmer Single-Handedly Slaughters an Entire Colony of Protected Birds in One Afternoon

Photo: dave and rose / CC

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