The Week in Animal News: Leaping Polar Bears, Snails Survive Being Eaten, and More

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This leaping polar bear is part of an incredible series of nature conservation photography.

We also have snails that survive being eaten by birds, an amazing whale rescue video, whales getting harpooned by tourists, rare leopards in Russia, state officials electing to kill half the wolves in Wyoming, and more in the Week in Animal News.

Incredible Conservation Photography

Conservation photography may be a discipline you've never heard of. While the foundations have been around since the beginning of photography itself -- using images to make people aware of, and respond to, environmental issues -- the genre has only been given a name in the last few years.

And yet, it is one area in which some of the best photographers in the world are spending their energies, using the power of photos to conserve natural spaces. Meet seven of the best in the business, and see their stunning shots.

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Photo: Paul Nicklen

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