The Week in Animal News: Jail for 'Lizard Man,' TV Show Kills Polar Bear, and More

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The reptile smuggler who had the bright idea to strap lizards to his body for the duration of a 14-hour flight is going to jail.

We also have the appalling death of an endangered polar bear on national TV, a new permanent shark sanctuary, 2011's record slaughter of rhinos by poachers, and more, in our photo roundup of the top animal stories on TreeHugger this week.

Lizard Man is Going to Jail

The 'Lizard Man', earned his alias by doing something quite stupid, and ironically even a bit cold hearted. Back in 2009, Michael Plank boarded a plane from Australia bound for Los Angeles and endured the 14 hour flight while harboring more than a few undoubtedly uncomfortable secrets.

After landing, U.S. customs agents discovered two geckos, two monitor lizards, and 11 skinks strapped across his body -- wildlife he was attempting to sneak into the country to sell. Now the 'Lizard Man' is going to jail.

Read the full story: Infamous Lizard Smuggler Sentenced in Los Angeles

Photo: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

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