The Week in Animal News: Chimp Paints Masterpieces, We Eat Less Meat, and More

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Jimmy the chimp loves painting -- and he's darn good at it. Find this amazing story, a look at the new species discovered in 2010, the effect of media coverage on factory farming, and how humans are causing shark attacks, and more in the Week in Animal News.

Brazil's Most Artistic Chimp

For most of his 27 years, Jimmy the chimpanzee has been kept under lock and key, allowed only to dream of the world beyond the confines of his enclosure at a small zoo in Rio de Janeiro.

With no companion and little to do to pass the time, Jimmy had become understandably depressed -- that is, until he discovered the joy of painting. But despite receiving national acclaim for his uncanny artistic ability, and becoming a household name in Brazil, the results of Jimmy's latest bid for a better life may add a little gloom to his palette.

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Photo: O Globo

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