The Week in Animal News: Bear Drives a Prius, Suffocating Fish and More

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It's been a rough week overall for animals on TreeHugger: a bear totaled a Toyota Prius his first time behind the wheel, fish are suffocating in the Texas drought, and a seagull was kicked to death in New York by a man "walking for green peace."

But there's been some good news, too: retired lab chimps got their first glimpse of sunlight, and there's hope for saving marine mammals. You'll find all this and more in the Week in Animal News.

No One Passes Their First Time

Nissan might have trained polar bears in its ads (see below), but Toyota has wild bears in its hybrids.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Prius hybrid's controls aren't quite as intuitive for bears as they are to humans, so the bear ended up destroying most of the interior, putting the car into neutral and driving it into a neighbor's house.

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Photo: Nissan's LEAF ad + Prius

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