The Week in Animal News: Apes Discuss Their Meal, Hummingbird Tongues, and More

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Turns out Bonobos like to talk about their food -- using different call sequences to tell fellow apes when they find the highly-desirable (kiwis) and less-desirable (apples).

We also have the surprising way hummingbirds drink, hidden messages in shark fin DNA, giant squid effected by noisy humans, controversial fish pedicures, the end of 'tase-and-release' hunting in Alaska, and more in the Week in Animal News.

Apes Discuss Food With Friends

Researchers from the University of St Andrews in Scotland and the Twycross Zoo found that bonobos use specific calls to share their food discoveries within their group.

In the experiment, when kiwis were discovered higher pitched long barks and short peeps are used. When apples were found lower pitched "peep-yelps" and peeps are used. Just one more piece illustrating that our closest relatives in the animal world are more like us than we've given them credit...

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Photo: Courtney Bolton/Creative Commons

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