The Top 10 Newly Discovered Species of 2010

Green Bomber

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green bomber photo
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This "green bomber" worm, an annelid that lives below 1,800 meters deep in the seas off of California, is one of the Arizona State University International Institute for Species Exploration's "Top Ten New Species" for 2010. Each distinguished by some fascinating feature or tale, these 10 specimens of mankind's new knowledge of the world around us make a fascinating exploration of diversity of the species.

Otherwise known as Swima bombiviridis, the green bomber worm gets its name from the elliptical bulbs that it carries near its head. When the worm sheds these organs, which are actually modified gills, they briefly light up with a brilliant green bioluminescence. The green bombs are thought to be a strategy for evading threats.

Photo credit: Daily Mail, ASU Species Top Ten