Strange animals that glow in the dark

Dana Octopus Squid

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Taningia danae giant squid photo
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Stay clear of this sucker: The dana octopus squid, or Taningia danae, recently discovered in the North Pacific Ocean off the coast of southeastern Japan, is proof sea monsters do exist.

Similar to the black dragonfish, the Taningia danae uses photophores (light producing organs) to blind and confuse prey. Located at the ends of two of its arms and combined with fierce claws, these photophores are about the size of lemons and believed to be the largest in the animal kingdom.

Scientists also suspect the squid uses glowing signals as a form of communication, "possibly to attract a mate," according to National Geographic.

Check out the video (filmed at depths of 780 to 3,100 feet) of Taningia danae attacking here.

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