Spectacular European Wildlife Photos From Traveling Exhibit

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Nature conservation organization Wild Wonders of Europe is bringing their message to the streets of Europe's major cities, where millions can enjoy the message of hope and be inspired to contribute to preserving the precious biodiversity of the continent: Last May marked the debut of the "Wild Wonders of Europe Outdoor Exhibition" in the Hague, Netherlands. An epic conservation initiative and photographic celebration of the natural beauty across 48 European countries, the exhibition consists of a sampling of 100 out of the thousands of spectacular photos.

With this sneak peak, learn how Wild Wonders of Europe will use the photos to educate and inspire the public to conserve this unique heritage. Or, for those in Europe, catch the exhibition in person -- it will be traveling until 2012, next stop Prague.

Red Deer Stag Bugling

This stag could be trumpeting, "Calling all female deer! Let's repopulate our species!" The iconic red deer -- which has graced cave paintings, rock drawings, and many coats-of-arms -- was hunted nearly to extinction. In the UN International Year of Biodiversity, 2010, the Wild Wonders of Europe project is celebrating the conservation successes, which include red deer, and conserving a professional photographic record of many species which continue to be threatened.

Photo credit: Florian Moellers for Wild Wonders of Europe

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