Slow, But Disappearing Fast: 10 Endangered Snails From Around the World

Iowa Pleistocene Snail

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iowa land snail photo
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The endangered Iowa Pleistocene Snail is found only on the algific talus slopes that make up the Driftless Area in Iowa -- a region of cold, rocky cliffs, where underground ice keeps the ground temperature between 14 and 50 degrees Farenheit.

The little snails -- only 1/4 inch long, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, eat leaves from maple, birch, and dogwood trees. And even though they've been found at only 30 sites in Iowa, that's actually a positive development: The Nature Conservancy reports that the snails were thought to be entirely extinct for the last 10,000 years, based on fossil finds, until rediscovered in 1955.

Photo via The Nature Conservancy/Bill Will