Slimehead Anyone? 10 Fish Fished More After a Name Change

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Any celebrity can tell you about the importance of good PR, but they aren't the only ones that can have their fortunes gained or lost on the basis of public opinion: Take fish. Some of the species on these pages went from relatively obscure (or downright disdained) to almost completely overfished in a matter of years -- and all because of a simple name change.


Never seen goosefish on a menu? That's because you've been eating it as monkfish, according to The Washington Post, which reports that "fishermen used to toss back a toad-colored fish that looked like it was 30 percent mouth and 50 percent stomach" until they came up with the idea of filleting the tail meat and changing the name.

Monkfish sales increased by 500 percent and the population decreased accordingly. According to NOAA, monkfish are no longer overfished, in part thanks to the Monkfish Fishery Management Plan of 1999 which worked to rebuild the industry.

Photo via FreeCatt @ Flickr