Sailboats So Green You'll Want to Quit Your Job and Sail Around the World

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volitan sailboat photo
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Bicycling gets its due respect for being the greenest way to travel on land, but for long distances -- and we mean really long distances -- sailing is the way to go. Assuming your current location and your destination are connected by a body of water, then hoisting the mainsail and heading for the horizon is one super energy-efficient way to get from Point A to Point B, and when you factor in the green technology on these sailboats, it's even more sustainable.

The Volitan

The designers behind The Volitan -- Hakan Gursu and Sozum Dogan -- were hoping for a luxury yacht with a minimum of environmentally impact. And the concept boat they came up with is 105 feet long, made from carbon fiber and epoxy resin, and fitted with two solar panel-fitted sails that capture wind and solar energy.

Photo via Popular Science