14 pink animals that wow and woo

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Pink katydid

First described in 1874, pink katydids have inspired more than a century of discussion over the hows and whys of their incredible hue. At the turn of the 20th century, Harvard entomologist Hubbard Scudder suggested that the pink coloring could be seasonal; that green insects changed their colors with the autumn leaves for protection. But having found bright pink katydid nymphs in the prairies of Wisconsin and Illinois during July in 1907, American entomologist and myrmecologist, William Morton Wheeler, rejected this theory, suggesting instead that the condition was genetic. For the first time, pink katydids were recognised as genetic "mutants" in the scientific literature, and Wheeler compared the condition to albinism. Entomologists now believe they've confirmed that Wheeler was right. Whatever the reason, we're happy that there are such things as pink katydids in the world.

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