14 pink animals that wow and woo

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Consider these blushing beauties your valentine from Mother Nature

Ah, pink. The color associated with the sweetness, softness, and romance may not be a color at all. Or at least according to some scientists who say that pink is not a real wavelength of light – what we see is the product of our wishful brains blending red and violet wavelengths together. Try telling that to My Little Pony.

Nonetheless, we say leave pink alone. And in fact, let's celebrate it! There's no better time to honor the prettiest color that may or may not exist than during February – the month of all things rosy-hued. So we've gathered up some of the planet's more curious critters that come in various shades of magenta, fuschia, coral and rose to pitch some woo.

First in the line-up, pictured above, is the most charming salamander in all of salamander world, Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum), also known as the Mexican walking fish. Not only are these amphibians just ridiculously cute, but they never undergo metamorphosis and thus stay in larval form their entire lives. Plus, they have super healing powers that allow them to do things like regenerate limbs! Rock on, Axolotl.

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