Photographer Ellen Jantzen Reinterprets the Cliche American Road Trip

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wind mills wyoming photo
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The road trip—during which people pile into a car and set out across the continent on a journey of discovery and transformation—is an American right of passage. When photographer Ellen Jantzen was planning her road trip, however, she couldn't help but find herself mired in the gritty realities of the ritual.

It was the classic "Route 66 photo"—abandoned gas stations, derelict cars at the side of the road, empty porches, clothes lines abandoned toy tractors—that gave her an idea for a different approach.

In a time of urban sprawl, Jantzen's photos, while often cold and lonely, also reveal a glimmer of hope with their quiet portrayal of virtually untouched landscapes.

"Point & Shoot @ 70MPH" captures the American landscape from the unique perspective of someone driving across the country.

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Wind mills in Wyoming. Image credit: Ellen Jantzen