Photo: Robber fly munches on a yellow jacket

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This one has a little bit of the "ew" factor, but at the same time, it's fascinating to see a this predator with its prey. Robber files (Promachus rufipes) are known to ambush their prey. The fly then paralyzes its prey by stabbing its protruding mouth-part known as a proboscis into the trapped insect's head and injecting a toxic saliva.

Kathy of Moon Shine Photography spotted this one eating a yellow jacket in her yard. She writes:

"I was out taking photos of some beautiful butterflies and then walked around to the corner of the yard just in time to see this robber fly land on top of the yellow jacket, like a parachute. It came from above and behind. It landed on top of the bee and stabbed it in the head! I was dumb founded!"

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1419 of 1612

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