Photo: Family of wild bobcats bask in the sun

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We usually think of bobcats as rather solitary animals. It's common enough to see one alone, perhaps hunting in a field, but much less common to see a family of them enjoying the morning sun together.

The photographer writes, "I couldn’t believe three bobcats were just sitting there in the only rays of light illuminating the pathway. Slowly they moved into the brush. Then with a crash, two of them rolled out into the light wrestling and play fighting. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I moved my camera into position and began taking more photos... The two amateur wrestlers bounded back into the brush and disappeared. [Then] a fourth adult bobcat slowly walked across the path, paused to take a quick bath, look up at us and then joined the other three. Not a bad way to start the day."

We'll agree with that! Have you ever seen a whole family of bobcats together before?

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1491 of 1651

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