Photo of the Day: The Salton Sea faces an uncertain future

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salton sea photo
credit: David McNew/Getty Images

The Salton Sea is possibly the most important location for migratory birds in the Western US, but it's future is shaky. It is in danger not only from natural factors but also from human activity. An effort to preserve this important habitat, which is increasing in salinity and drying out, is underway but not a sure fix.

The Sun reported earlier this year, "If this body of water — and its fish food source [for migrating birds] — is lost, there is no alternate Plan B area for them to go. ... The state developed a $9 billion plan to save the Salton Sea, but funds are not available said Bruce Wilcox, Salton Sea project manager for the Imperial Irrigation District."

More about this can be read at Defenders of Wildlife.

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1524 of 1652

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