Oh Go Climb up A Tree: Sky-High Treehouse Hotels

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Cedar Creek photo
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From the Swiss Family Robinson's massive forest hideaway to the Berenstein Bears "No Boys Allowed" backyard version, tree houses have an appeal all their own: they're private, they get the best breezes, and you'll see birds, bugs, plants, and animals that you'd never come across on the ground. The owners of these tree house hotels also have an unsurprising passion for the environment, using reclaimed wood, low-energy devices, and natural soaps on their properties.

Cedar Creek Treehouse

At this Washington state treehouse, for example, you'll live off the grid--the utilities run on solar energy and there's no shower. But you'll also have skylights over your bed, a river right outside, and access to the glass observation area for everything from birdwatching to stargazing--and isn't that better than your childhood playhouse?

Photo via Women's Day