Koala Bears Need Endangered Legislation Now: 10 Adorable Reasons to Save Them (Videos)

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Koala bears aren't officially considered endangered in Australia -- state legislation lists the species as "threatened," "rare," or even "thriving" (in Victoria) -- but these marsupials are facing a bigger fight than ever before to sustain its populations. Sexually transmitted diseases, habit loss, human interaction, and climate change are all working against them.

Last month, the Australian Koala Foundation proposed listing the marsupials as an endangered species, and now business owners and landowners in Australia must decide if the koalas are worth saving.

We hope these 10 videos --- which go behind the scenes of the koala's daily life in zoos, rescue centers, and in-the-wild -- help with the persuasion.

Thirsty Koala

In the wild, koalas rarely drink water, relying instead on the water in the eucalyptus leaves that make up their diet for the bulk of their hydration.

But with a three-year drought in South Australia making it more difficult for the marsupials to get their required H20, these homeowners offered a drink from their hose to one grateful koala.

Video: YouTube

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