Incredible Videos of Rare Big Cats Show Jaguar Fishing, Lion Cubs Swimming, and More

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It's hard enough to catch a glimpse of the world's most elusive big cats -- snow leopards, clouded leopards, jaguars, tigers -- but when you consider that many of them are on the edge of extinction, your chances become slimmer every day.

The 10 videos on these pages -- shot both in captivity and the wild -- offer an incredible look into the lives of these felines, revealing strong personalities and more than a little curiosity towards cameras.

Jaguar Fishing

A majestic black jaguar at the Jacksonville Zoo dives in to catch some fish in this video from a tourist at the zoo (brace yourself for plenty of nervous small children in the background).

Though no one's sure exactly how many jaguars remain in the wild, conservationists believe that the last one in America was killed in 2009.

Credit: YouTube

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