In Stunning Photos: European Bird Photographers Talk About Their Trade

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What does it take to be a great birdwatcher? A lot of patience. A sense of purpose, of mission. A good bit of luck. Humor and humility. Enjoy birdwatching from the comfort of your armchair with this gallery of gorgeous bird photos taken by professional photographers from all corners of the European continent for the Wild Wonders of Europe project. Accompanying these beautiful bird photos are the photographers' own musings from the Wild Wonders of Europe Blog on the hardships and joys of catching these birds on film.

White-fronted Geese -- Durankulak, Bulgaria

Says photographer Manuel Presti: "I regret I haven't brought with me enough to read on this trip, as the hours I'm spending while waiting in the hide are just countless.

"After a few more hours, some geese arrive, almost falling from the sky like rain drops. I'm having lots of fun photographing the take-off maneuvers of the birds and it's just amazing when they leave the water surface -- they gain 2-3 meters in height and fly over my hide just half a meter above my head."

Photo credit: Manuel Presti for Wild Wonders of Europe

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