Hundreds of starving sea lion pups get a helping hand [Photos]

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Cold, hungry and thirsty

"Wrap him up like a burrito," a Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC) worker tells volunteer Priscilla Salazar (left) over the phone. "We've brought them back from worse before."

Photographer Morgan Heim followed activities of volunteers as they collected stranded sea lion pups around southern California locations. She writes, "In the parking lot of a strip mall featuring a tanning salon, chiropractor and bike shop, volunteers Salazar and Taylor Megginson wrap a hypothermic sea lion pup in an emergency blanket. The pup is barely hanging on to life after a surfer found the pup shivering and stranded on a beach in Southern California."

"Can you imagine coming up to put air in your tires, and there's a sea lion in the parking lot?" says Megginson.

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