"Human Planet" Highlights Extreme Relationships with Nature in Stunning Images

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Honey gatherer, Central African Republic photo
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From extreme cold to blistering heat, parched deserts to raging rivers, humans have shown an incredible ability to adapt to and survive in the world's most challenging places.

Yesterday, April 26, marked the DVD and Blu-ray release of "Human Planet," a BBC/Discovery Channel co-production highlighting our extreme relationship with nature in stunning visuals around the world. From a remote tribe that holds a male beauty contest judged by women to extreme tree climbing to a man who uses an eagle to hunt a fox, the eight-episode series is truly remarkable in its global scope.

Advanced technology makes life in even the harshest climates comfortable, but often, it is simple innovation and understanding of the environment that helps people secure a livelihood in these unlikely places.

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Photo credit: © Timothy Allen/BBC 2010
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