Great Green Gear for Summer Camping and Hiking

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You can take advantage of the great outdoors in any season, but the warm weather of summer has its perks. Here's a round-up of some of the best green summer camping and hiking gear, from lightweight sleeping bags and waterproofing spray to short-sleeved shirts and sustainable daypacks.

Nano OZ Tent

Some of summer camping's best memories happen at night -- roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories, catching fireflies. So a practical tent is essential. The Nano OZ tent weighs less than 5 pounds (easier to haul up that hill) and opens to 36 square feet (plenty of room to spread out).

It's also made from recycled materials, including post-consumer recycled PET bottles for the fabric, webbing, and other cloth, and reground plastic for buckles and locks. (Nemo, $450)

Photo via Planet Green