From Wetsuits to Wax: 9 High-Tech Products for Sustainable Surfing

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Surfing: Alone on a wave, it is just you and the great wide ocean. It's easy to forget the outside world -- unless you are stepping around miles of endless trash on the beach, pulling off plastic bags caught on your fins, and getting sick from the sewage that flows into the water with every rain storm.

Perhaps this sport -- one that requires skill, mental stamina, a taste for adrenaline, and gives its fans an excuse to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world -- inspires a need to hold on to unblemished beaches more than any other.

But the synthetic wetsuits, fiberglass boards, and petroleum-based waxes aren't exactly kind to that ocean surfers love so much: The nine high-tech products here ensure the waves without the environmental sacrifice.

Photo: mikebaird/Creative Commons