Finalists in European Amateur Photo Competition: Leaping Capra Ibex, Close-Up Frogs, and More

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From a leaping capra ibex to a close-up of a frog swimming, shot from below, it's hard to believe that the photos in the Wild Wonders of Europe amateur photo competition are not shot by professionals.

Each month, the competition puts the spotlight on Europe's animals, from endangered Iberian lynxes -- of which fewer than 100 remain in the wild -- to common toads, and draws entries from all over the continent, giving adult and youth photographers the chance to contribute their own unique perspective of the flora and fauna with whom they share the land.

Capra Ibex, Italy (Adult Competition)

In Italy, a photographer managed to get this mid-jump image of a Capra Ibex leaping over a creek during a snowstorm.

The Capra Ibex hasn't had the same dramatic history as its close relative, the Pyrenean Ibex, and is listed on the IUCN Red List as a species of least concern -- though its population declined for centuries due to over-enthusiastic hunters.

Photo: Riccardo Oggioni/Wild Wonders of Europe

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