Daniel Fox's lava captures "birth of new Earth"

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daniel fox lava photo
credit: Daniel Fox

Heart from Hell

Sure, we've all seen volcanoes erupt on TV and watched lava flow during movie day in science class, so what's the big deal? Well, sometimes you need an artist to help you see things in a fresh way and that's what Fox has accomplished here. When you see lava flowing out of the ground, we are, as Fox puts it, witnesses to "the birth of new earth." Yes, of course! In a time of rapid environmental degradation, this is Earth forming! Right before our eyes, no less. Well, more specifically through the lenses of Fox's cameras, in this instance, but it is through those lens and his artistic take on the subject, that we're asked to contemplate this wondrous process with a new perspective. It's still early in 2013, but I think it's safe to say Fox should be an easy pic for inclusion in our Most Inspiring Art of the Year roundup.

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