Bee Hives: Nature's Architectural Wonder

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Unless you're collecting honey, finding a bees' nest isn't usually a welcome discovery -- especially when they're in or near your home. But beyond the buzzing and stinging, these builder colonies have a beauty all their own.

Osmia Avoseta

Take this flower petal nest, one of the most stunning examples of bee craftsmanship. The osmia avoseta bee creates tiny cocoons (each protects just one egg) from flower petals that the mother bee bites off and layers one by one. After the studious mother bee obtains the petals, she secures them to each other with nectar, and then finishes the interior with a layer of mud and another of petals, according to NPR. Each bee creates a group of as many as 10 nests, and leaves a combination of pollen and nectar in each one so her babies have a welcome food supply when they finally hatch.

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Photo via NPR/Jerome Rozen/American Museum of Natural History

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