Beach Driving at Cape Hatteras: Cars Versus Birds

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cars at cape hatteras and a black skimmer photo
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When I wrote about efforts to increase access for Off Road Vehicles to beaches at Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, it stirred up quite a debate. Some locals bemoaned protection of birds that "are not from this area. They show up for a few months an migrate on." Others favored conservation, citing their own friends' habits of "taking their huge trucks and four wheelers and doing stupid things on the beach" as reason enough. But what exactly is it that the conservationists are trying to protect? We asked the Audubon Society NC to tell us more.

And a note on fairness: We're an environmental website, so it's unsurprising where our interests lie. But there is vocal opposition to conservation measures from people who argue it will hurt tourism—visit Save Hatteras to learn more about their side of the story.

Photo credit: © Sidney Maddock and Walker Golder