Around the World in 10 Adorable Baby Seals

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harbor seal pup baby photo
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Here we go, folks, some cuteoverload to start your Tuesday off. Seals are as at home on ice and on land as they are in the water -- which is where their Latin name pinnped comes from: It means "feather or fin foot," referencing their flippers. Other pinnipeds are sea lions (part of the Otaridae family, which includes seals with ears) and walruses (which get their own family name, Odobenidae).

But while seals are undeniably interesting, they're more often appreciated for their darn cute babies, fluffy white, big-eyed creatures that have become almost as iconic in the world of conservation as the giant panda and the polar bear.

Harbor Seal, Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts

This harbor seal pup, which lives in the cold waters of Nantucket Sound, is a good example.

Photo via Daily Science Dose