Are Zeppelins the Future of Air Travel?

The Dream of Flight

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Humans have long concocted glorious images of flying machines with an aspiration to defy gravity.
With air travel called into question due to issues including fuel consumption and the effect that airplane contrails have on the earth's atmosphere when emitted at high altitudes, we now see Zeppelins making a comeback. Considering they fly at low altitudes -- lessening any impact on the planet's atmosphere -- and are quiet and relatively fuel efficient, this could change travel as we know it.

This ship graced the movie poster for "Jules Verne's Master of the World," a film scripted based on Verne's books Master of the World and Robur, the Conqueror. In the latter, Verne envisioned a flying ship named Albatross that could move through the air suspended by propellers. Verne's vision of the Albatross as a warship echoed later reality, in which lighter-than-air travel got its start on the battlefields.

Photo credit: IMDB