Animals at the Water Hole

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Every living thing in the world needs water -- and dwindling reserves impact more than just your ability to keep your lawn green in the summer. To capture the importance of H20 across the globe, photographer Greg du Toit stationed himself at rivers, lakes, and water holes throughout Africa -- and came away with a collection of images that shows birds, lions, zebras, warthogs, and the rest of the country's wildlife population quenching their thirst.

Here, we've reprinted some of his favorite images with behind-the-scenes descriptions of how he got each shot.

Lioness and Cubs

"In the months prior to this frame, the lioness and cubs had stubbornly refused to drink in the daylight hours. I had waited in my hide until dusk for them on numerous occasions, and twice, upon walking back to camp, I met all eight on foot.

"It took a one week heat wave and this just two degrees south of the equator, to finally bring my subjects to the water's edge."

Photo: Greg du Toit

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