Amazing Animal Heroes Rescuing Humans

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Animals have a knack for saving other animals, but they've also been known to put themselves in the line of danger for humans -- and we're not just talking about pet dogs that protect their homes from burglars.

From dolphins that rescued a surfer from sharks and a whale that helped a drowning athlete to an elephant that protected a young girl from a tsunami, these amazing, selfless animal heroes remind us once again of the unique species we co-habitat with that we need to protect.

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Whale Saves Diver

Athlete Yang Yun was part of an underwater competition that required contestants to remain at to the bottom of a 20-foot arctic pool in China's Polar Land when the freezing temperatures caused her legs to cramp, leaving her unable to return to the surface.

That's when one of the tank's residents, a beluga whale named Mila grabbed Yun's leg and guided her up toward the air.

Photo via Fox News

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